Friday, May 7, 2010


I had the pleaser of working with a stunning photographer Brooke Shaw I was amazed by the way she worked as she had a clear view of what she was hoping of getting and it showed in the photos they turned out amazing. Yasmin Harnell is a up and coming model and these photos where for her portfolio and I was just in aww when I saw her she has the most stunning colour skin and she has a sweetness to her appearance that I loved.

Natural Beauty

One thing I love is when a model brings abit of herself to shoots Yasmin made this white feather skirt she is wearing in this photo so amazing.

Dark Side

The concept for this photo was link makeup so starting off natural and adding to the look each change and making it more edgy each time. I was so happy with the changes I did they are small but u can tell in each photo something is different.

Captured by Brooke Shaw


  1. Great work! I stumbled on your blog by chance, and I really like it! You have amazing artistry skills:)