Saturday, January 30, 2010

Product review

So I fell in love with the Aquacolour Interferenz products as you can use them so many ways so very worth the money and cheap. It can be worn alone as eyeshadow, or used as a base to intensify other colors. Must be applied wet (just one drop of water or saline solution will do the job)! Once it dries, it is totally smudge-proof. One thing that I loved about this brand is it doesn't test on animals.

Here are the Aquacolour Interferenz colours I used in this look.
*Black: eyeliner and lips
*Pink: cheek highlighter
*White: under brow highlight
*Blue: base for eyeshadow

I also used Kryolan satin powder in colour #22 as my crease blending colour.

The first time i swatched it on my hand, I loved it! Amy is selling them on her ebay page so you can fall in love with it too! (for cheap!) She sells most of the Krylon brand so check it out.

The eye shadow starts out a light yellow-jade color, then transforms into a darker and darker green with friction. The more you rub, the darker the color gets. I think Kryolan is a must have for any makeup artist.

Captured by NSB

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